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Multi Food

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What has changed with the new version?  Multifood just got a hell of a lot better. This is the ultimate team.

  1. New players in: Fat soluble Vitamins A, D, and E
  2. Retiring players: Lantana Magnesium, Wrightia Calcium

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can create road blocks in certain pathways and if deficient it can be impossible to force the body to change. Vitamin and mineral cofactors are necessary for every system in the body to work, Multi Food can provide these in a natural, non-synthetic way.

Unfortunately, with modern farming practices, processing and storage techniques of our foods in combination with the daily stresses of our modern life and our reliance on processed and packaged foods, we can’t avoid supplementing our diets.

At ATP Science, they believe in natural sources for their supplements. They've searched the globe looking for farmers and scientists who have perfected the art of farming, processing and storage techniques to make food that is standardized to contain vitamins and minerals, naturally.

MULTI FOOD provides your body with a natural balance of nutrients. Not just the vitamins and minerals; but also the included phytonutrients, polyphenols and other plant based nutrients that are missing in your standard multivitamin.


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